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Preparing for Implant Placement
Dr. Farhat and Dr. Herron frequently extract teeth in conjunction with implant placement. Our doctors use a special technique that not only preserves bone but also maintains the natural shape of your gum tissue to create the best aesthetic result possible.

In the United States alone, thousands of teeth are extracted annually, primarily because of decay, severe periodontal disease, infection or trauma. The jaw bone that supports the teeth, "alveolar bone," which is generally soft and vascular, often melts away or resorbs following tooth removal. Such bone resorption can result in significant cosmetic or functional defects, including loss of surrounding gum tissue. Today, however, bioengineering has led to simple but effective surgical techniques that can either totally prevent or greatly reduce the bone and soft tissue loss that normally occurs following tooth extraction.

Following removal of the tooth a specially bioengineered graft material that helps support bone formation is placed within the extraction socket. This bone graft material, Bio-Oss®, with structure similar to human bone, not only supports new bone growth but also has been shown to preserve bone and overlying soft tissue following tooth removal.

Bone Grafting

We primarily use a porous bone mineral named Bio-Oss®. Bio-Oss® is a safe, effective bone graft material from specially processed bovine sources. Under the electron microscope Bio-Oss® looks very similar to human bone.]]] Because of its similarity to human bone, Bio-Oss® is highly successful in helping new bone to form. In many cases using a porous bone mineral eliminated the need for additional surgery to obtain your own bone as grafting material.

For more information on our grafting procedures:

Extractions & Implant Preparation

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